Aspire Signature Lift Recline Chair Space Saver – Medium


The Aspire Signature 2 Lift Space Saver Recline Chair with space saver mechanism has been designed to offer additional comfort in everyday life. This Space Saver chair is suitable for use in smaller rooms or confined spaces, conserving the best use of your living space & close wall positioning. Featuring a single motor where the leg rest and backrest move at the same time – usually the leg rest kicks in first. Single motor recliner chairs tend to have less buttons on the hand control are simpler and easier to operate. With most models, you can also place them closer to the wall and they will still recline, making them suitable for smaller spaces. Also featuring a depth adjustable seat with a choice of two depth settings in 1 inch (25mm) increments for custom comfort and positioning and adjustable padding to support posture for individual users.


  • Simple handset with single button press for both lift and recline actions is intuitive and assists cognition
  • Space Saver – Chair shifts forward during recline action to allow closer wall positioning
  • Integrated lift and recline functions for easy sit-to-stand and maximum comfort
  • Integrated lithium-ion battery backup ensures chair can be used in the event of a power outage or if moved between rooms during the day
  • Depth adjustable seat caters to taller users
  • 4 x swivel castors included as standard, allows the chair to be moved around with ease
  • Backlit hand control with integrated USB charging point
  • Headrest and armrest protectors included as standard


Size Small Medium Large
Overall Height 980mm 1050mm 1100mm
Overall Length 690mm 715mm 740mm
Overall Width 740mm 780mm 780mm
Seat Width 480mm 510mm 540mm
Seat Depth 460mm – 485mm 490mm – 515mm 510mm – 535mm
Seat to Floor Height 480mm 480mm 500mm
Backrest Height 580mm 620mm 650mm
SWL 145kg 145kg 145kg


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