Rollz Performance


The Rollz Performance walker wheelchair is an award-winning and beautifully designed walker / walking frame that converts simply into a wheelchair in seconds. It is almost identical to the Rollz Motion except it also has more padding, more ergonomic handles and seat, air-filled tyres, reflective strips, it comes with the basket accessory included and the colour is jungle green only.


  • The Rollz is the only convertible walker/wheelchair on the market that meets ISO safety standards for both a walker and a wheelchair.
  • This unique transformable function gives you options and confidence to go further – walk or ride when it suits you – it’s your choice.
  • Innovative and award-winning design – winner of the prestigious Red-Dot design award
  • Superior drum brakes suited to wet and dry conditions
  • Easily folds into compact and transportable size
  • Strong frame and wheels
  • Allows you to stand and walk tall, instead of leaning forward
  • Safe with superior manoeuvrability supported by large wheels and a short wheelbase.
  • The Rollz Performance includes the seat basket accessory
  • Air-filled tyres for all-terrain use (as opposed to a solid PU tyre in the Rollz Motion)
  • Ergonomic handles with additional contouring and padding
  • Extra padding in the wheelchair seat and a wedged shaped cushion for comfortable seating
  • Reflective stripes
  • Extra padding in the arm rests and handles to reduce vibration
  • The frame is an eye-catching jungle green.


Overall Length 630 mm
Overall Width 670 mm
Overall Height 870 -980 mm
Seat Width                 450 mm
Seat to Floor Height 55 mm
Unit Weight 11.4 kg
SWL 125 kg


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