Ellipse Aluminium Indoor Walker


The Ellipse Indoor is a lightweight indoor style walker that is easy to manoeuvre due to its size and stylish design. Made from lightweight aluminium the walker has a removable tray which ensures easy folding for storage and transport. It also features easy to use hand brake and height adjustable handles to suit the user. The single bar handle and break system enables you to use this rollator as a supportive walking aid even when the user has function of only one arm. The tray table surface makes it far easier to move around the home without have to worry about choosing between carrying things or using your walking aid.


  • Made of light weight aluminium.
  • Adjustable height – tool free.
  • Removable tray.
  • Easy to fold.
  • Easily installable nylon bag.


Overall Length 660 mm
Overall Width 540 mm
Overall Height 835 mm – 945 mm
Unit Weight 6.6 kg
SWL 100 kg


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