Aspire Vida 18″ Inch Transit Wheelchair


The Aspire Vida transport wheelchair redefines mobility with its focus on comfort, ease of use, and lightweight design. Built to accommodate a wide variety of users with a safe working load of 135kg, this chair ensures a comfortable ride with its ergonomically designed backrest and seat that conform to the user’s body for enhanced postural support. Its lightweight structure is specifically engineered for effortless lifting and transportation, making it a perfect choice for carers and active users alike.


  • The Aspire Vida is a super lightweight transport wheelchair ideal for quick trips to the shops, appointments and catching up with friends.
  • Ergonomic backrest and seat shape follow the contours of the user to maximise comfort and postural support.
  • The 135kg safe working load caters to a broad range of users.
  • Lightweight frame design ensures easy lifting in and out of cars, ideal for carers.
  • Contoured and padded seating improves comfort and postural support.
  • Attendant operated hand brakes with parking lock.
  • Simple and intuitive folding for easy transportation.
  • Removable leg rests and folding back for compact storage.
  • Rear storage pocket for essentials.
Size Availability Dimensions
18” Inch 420 mm D x 450 mm W


Overall Length 995 mm
Overall Width 655 mm
Overall Height 930 mm
Seat Depth 420 mm
Seat Width 450 mm
Backrest Height 450 mm
Unit Weight 9.6 kg
SWL 135 kg


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