6-in-1 Multi Opener


This Multi Opener is a super handy tool to keep in the kitchen. Take the struggle out of releasing stubborn jar lids and hard to twist bottle caps. The 6 in 1 Multi Opener is a very versatile and handy product to keep in the kitchen drawer. While remaining light weight and easy to grip, this tool can open 6 different types of lids. Including bottle caps, ring pull tins, cans and stubborn metal jar lids. Tucked inside the wider end of this Multi Opener is a blade that is useful for opening tightly sealed bags. Save your strength and use this Multi Opener instead. It makes opening any lid easy.

Features and Benefits 
  • Durable and comfortable grip
  • Opens 6 types of seals and lids including metal bottle caps, safety seals, can ring pulls, jar lids and bottle tops
  • Enclosed blade cleanly slices open tightly sealed bags
  • Weight: 90g


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