Dual Handle Leg Lifter


The Homecraft Dual Handle Leg Lifter is designed to help users move their legs and reposition. It is ideal for anyone who has limited to no use of their legs. It can also be used by individuals recovering from injuries or surgery. This leg lifter is designed for users with limited grip strength. Two handles allows users to utilise both arms when moving the leg and the sturdy centre rod stabilises the device when in use.


  • Features two handles to help users with limited strength who struggle to move their leg with one hand
  • Two handle design provides extra control and safety when moving the leg
  • The firm center post stabilises the leg while moving
  • Ideal for using while on the couch or in a chair and repositioning is needed
  • Designed to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities


Length: 8650 mm
Weight: 110 Grams