Whill Power Wheelchair C2 Accessories

Accessories for your Whill C2 power wheelchair

  • Large under seat Storage basket securely stores your belongings and groceries.
  • Side storage back ideal for personal belongings such as phone and wallet
  • Dust Cover: Protects the device from dust and dirt when stored outdoors (Do not use for rain protection, cover not waterproof).
  • Lap Belt: Firmly stabilises the sitting position even on slopes.
  • Smart Key: It provides you with the ability to lock and unlock your Model C2 from a distance, similar to a car’s key fob.
  • Battery: The 2.7kg lightweight battery can also be used as a spare battery.
  • Battery Charger: A great compliment to a spare battery, it helps let you go from one fully charged battery to the next fully charged battery to keep you moving.
  • Whill C2 Power Wheelchair standard inclusions: Lap Belt, Smart Key, Battery & Battery Charger.
  • Arm Chair Covers – Eight Colours
  • Walking Stick holder