Super Grip Bendable Cutlery


The Sure Grip Bendable Cutlery is available as a complete set of 4 which consists of a Knife, Fork, Tablespoon & Teaspoon or you can purchase individual utensils separately.

The larger handle on the cutlery makes them easier to hold. You don’t need to close your hand as much to grasp the cutlery handle. This makes them a fantastic arthritis aid. The handle also has raised up grooved areas to help the user maintain their grip. Each utensil has a small hole in the end. This can be useful to thread a piece of cotton or elastic through so that the user can have the strap around their wrist while using the utensil. If you lose your grip on the utensil at least it wont drop into your food, or onto the ground. The utensils are bendable so that you can bend and customise each utensil to suit your requirements. Once they are bent in to place, they will stay that way.

Features and Benefits
  • Stainless Steel utensils with rubber handles
  • Comfortable ribbed built-up handles
  • Assists people with weak grasps to hold utensils securely
  • Institutional dishwasher safe