Mrs Peggs Classic 10 Handy Line


Mrs Peggs portable indoor/outdoor clotheslines/drying racks are the perfect alternative to conventional clotheslines, electric dryers and airers.  Easy to carry, Mrs. Pegg’s portable Handy Lines can be placed anywhere outside but best of all, they are perfect for indoors, especially in apartments to capitalise on household heating and save on energy bills. Mrs Pegg’s portable indoor/outdoor clothesline can pay for itself in energy costs.

Mrs Peggs range of portable washing lines are ideal for apartments, units, garages, verandas or anywhere where there is limited space for clothes drying. Constructed of lightweight but ultra-strong aluminium, Mrs Pegg’s Indoor/outdoor clotheslines won’t rust, and easily fold flat for storage.

Features and Benefits 
  • Handy Lines help elderly/senior people and people with mobility problems because the clothes drying rack has a lower line level than conventional lines and can prevent falls
  • Being a portable clothesline, they can be placed near the house, so heavy wet washing doesn’t have to be carried far
  • Features powder-coated aluminium frame with stainless steel fixings
Model Classic 8 (Medium Height) Classic 10 (Tall Height) Deluxe 8 (Medium Height) Deluxe 10 (Tall Height)
Dimensions 151 × 63 × 130 cm 168 × 75 × 143 cm 163 × 61 × 133 cm 173 × 76 × 142 cm
Folded Depth 7 cm 7 cm 8.7 cm 8.7 cm
Number of Lines 8 10 8 10
Max Drying Space 12.1m 16m 12m 16m
Total Floor Space 1.90m x 0.73m 2.15m x 0.80m 1.9m x 0.73m 2.0m x 0.8m
Weight 3.2 kg 3.4 kg 3.6 kg 3.8 kg
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