Aspire Activ Care Adjustable Bed

Aspire ComfiMotion Adjustable Beds are equipped with functions and features engineered to enhance user comfort, independence and safety. Designed for easy, multi-positional operation, cleaning and serviceability, this luxurious adjustable bed collection uses premium quality materials and finishes.

Features and Benefit
  • Floorline positioning significantly reduces the risk of falls from a bed.
  • Night Assist: Luminous underbed halo for safe entry and exit throughout the night.
  • Box-on-Box Design facilitates easier entry and exit and allows true flush positioning of beds in companion or dual adjustable bed configurations.
  • Massage: Relaxing vibration modes for personalised neck, shoulder and back relief.
  • USB Charge: Connect and charge your devices conveniently.
  • Press and Hold Safety Handset: Intuitive, large button interface enhances usability.
  • Enclosed Frame Design: Ensures optimal positioning when getting into bed and safely covers the moving base platform.
  • Personalised Positioning: Hand control allows users to find their perfect position to maximise comfort and relaxation.
  • Personalised Exit Height allows a user to preset their bed exit height.
  • Battery backup provides the user with confidence that the bed will still operateduring a power outage.
  • Smart Descent ensures user safety when lowering to floor by intermittently stopping and then slowing down for final descent.


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