Air Imprint Memory Cushion



  • The cushion memorises your body imprint. By releasing air while sitting on the cushion, once the correct level of comfort is reached, locking the air valve keeps the desired contoured shape

    Suitable for:

    •  Wheelchair User
    •  People with mild to moderate need for positioning support.

    Function Purpose:

    •  Comfort
    •  Reduces risk of developing pressure sores


    •  Wheelchair
    •  Office
    •  Car
    •  Home


    •  45cm width Cushion with Memory & Air Imprint
    •  Adjustable air valve for controllable comfort
    •  Breathable 3D mesh cover
    •  Removable, washable cover
    •  PU foam / Memory foam
    •  Non-slip base
    •  110kg weight capacity

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