U-Step 2 Walker

U-Step 2 was designed to increase independence and eliminate falling among those with neurological conditions. The leading-edge features of the Li-Step 2, as compared to other walking aids, make it superior by providing more stability, maneuverability and control. Tens of thousands of people with neurological conditions have benefited from the Li-Step 2 design.

Regularly prescribed by physicians and physical and occupational therapists from leading hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and covered by most major insurances and Medicare, the U-Step 2 has been tested and proven to be beneficial for patients with various neurological conditions, including:

Overall Width: 58cm
Seat Height: 56cm
Seat Width: 51cm Length: 63.5cm Turning Circle: 74cm Weight Capacity: 170kg Product Weight: 10kg Patient Height Range: 150-187cm

•Parkinson Disease •Balance Disorders •ALS • PSP/MSA

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Brain Injuries
• Ataxia • Stroke


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