Donatello Canyon

The new four motor lift mechanism has a more vertical lift with a slight tilt compared to the forward tilt you find on generic chairs.

Power Headrest The individually adjustable head support allows you to lift or lower the position of the headrest even when the backrest is fully reclined providing a higher level of adjustment for your neck and back. Power Lumbar Individually adjustable lumbar support, which can assist in maintaining a proper sitting posture; helping to relieve tension on the spine to prevent pain or discomfort due to poor posture, arthritis or existing back problems. Power Backrest and Power Footrest With a the dual lift system, it allows you to individually adjust the backrest and the footrest for the position that best fits the clinical needs of the client.

· Dual lift function · Lay-flat recliner · Footrest extension · All close & all lift buttons · Hand controller · Ultra durable fabrics · Lumbar support to accommodate sitting posture



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