Locomo Carbon Ultralight Walker

At just 4.8kg this carbon fibre walker / walking frame is the lightest in the world and uses space age technology and the best of Danish design. It’s features include:


  • Soft inverted handles to support posture and comfort and reduce strain on fingers, hands and joints when steering
  • Unbeatable in terms of the ease to fold, lift and grip when lifting it into the car or up stairs
  • Award winning design providing a slick alternative to the traditional looking walking frame
  • Brake cables hidden inside the frame for cleaner, less cluttered lines
  • Shock absorbing frame and tyres made from a PU/rubber mix to reduce vibration
  • Additional accessories including back rest, weekender bag, organiser bag and cane holder are also available on the online shop.
  • Available in Oyster White (as selected here) or Carbon Black or Strawberry Red (go back to the “Shop” page to choose those colours.


Technical Data Compact Regular Wide Track
Weight 4.8kg 4.8kg 4.95kg
Handle Height 79-91cm 79-91cm 79-91cm
Width between handles 38cm 39cm 44cm
Seat width 41cm 42cm 47cm
Seat height 56cm 61cm 61cm
Width 61.5cm 62.5cm 66.5cm
Width when folded 25cm 25cm 25cm
Length 66cm 66cm 66cm

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